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Anna Webber’s Simple Trio

Anna Webber - sax | Matt Mitchell - piano | John Hollenbeck - drums

Performing in a double bill with Parlour Game on Thursday, October 3 at 8pm at REDCAT

“One of a growing number of genre-crushing young artists working at the fringes of modern jazz and so-called "new music," Canadian-born saxophonist and composer Anna Webber has staked out some truly distinctive musical terrain with her all-star Simple Trio. If you're not familiar with Ms. Webber (who's worked with Dan Weiss, Jen Shyu, Ohad Talmor and classical composer John Luther Adams to name a few), you will certainly recognize her Simple Trio-mates: John Hollenbeck and Matt Mitchell. Kindred spirits in every sense of the word, Webber, Mitchell, and Hollenbeck are restless intellects whose multi-hued music continually pushes the outside of the envelope—both stylistically and technically—and whose off-the-cuff virtuosity makes the impossible seem easy. As a composer, Webber's devil-may-care approach places Thelonious Monk, Steve Lacy and Anthony Braxton on equal footing with Giacinto Scelsi and Györgi Ligeti. She seeks to blur the line between spontaneous and written-out composition, both sonically and as part of the music-making process.”

Dave Wayne - Allaboutjazz