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Performing in a double bill with PILGRIM on Saturday October 13th at 9pm at the Bluewhale

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Lisa Mezzacappa - bass & compositions   |   Aaron Bennet - tenor saxophone   |   
John Finkbeiner - electric guitar   |   Jordan Glenn - drums   |   
Mark Clifford - vibraphone, percussions, live foley   |   Tim Perkis - electronics

“My big discovery was bassist-composer Lisa Mezzacappa’s avantNOIR project...The score was fast-paced and kaleidoscopic, Mingus-like; the ensemble hurtled from one written episode to another but gave each turn its jazz-essential immediacy, as if the music were freshly imagined.” — Howard Mandel, Jazz Beyond Jazz

avant-NOIR is a suite of music for sextet, inspired by noir genre fiction set in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area and is meant as a musical companion to Paul Auster’s abstract "soft-boiled"" crime stories from his New York Trilogy of the 1980s, set in conversation with the West Coast classic hard-boiled 1920s-era detective fiction of Dashiell Hammett. The music progresses like a detective’s case, using clues and imagery from the crime novels such as maps, letters, messages and relationships between characters, numbers and places, to create compositions with acoustic and electric sounds, field recordings and composed and improvised material. The musicians navigate musical clues, cryptograms, found composed fragments and other "unsolved" musical elements to create different versions of the piece for different performances.