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Performing  in a double bill with Xenia Rubinos on Saturday, October 6 at 8pm at the Ford Theatres

This performance is the world premiere of Marigold, a piece commissioned by the Los Angeles Jazz Society’s New Note program

Lauren Elizabeth Baba - composer/conductor

Michael Mull   |  Gavin Templeton |   Kirsten Edkins  
   Andrew Conrad   |  Brian Walsh

 Chris Lawrence  Tony Bonsera   |    Nathan Johnson   |   Greg Zilboorg

 Harrison Kirk    |   Joey Sellers    |   Juliane Gralle    |    Bob Lawrence  

   Greg Uhlmann - guitar   |   Cathlene Pineda - piano
Emilio Terranova - bass   |   Tina Raymond - drums



theBABAorchestra is a Los Angeles based 17-piece experimental big band performing original new instrumental works by composer, conductor, and bandleader Lauren Elizabeth Baba.  Amidst intricately woven melodies and massive brass textures are subtly creeping rock grooves and a generally dark ambience; creative music drawing from free jazz, avant-garde, drone-rock, and Middle Eastern folk.

From Lauren BABA: “My inspiration for the composition, Marigold, stems from my memory of two black-and-white family photographs from the 1950’s: 1. the front view of my Syrian great-grandpa, Nicholas Baba’s, newly-purchased Los Angeles apartment complex and 2. the inside snapshot of my Greek great-grandpa, Alec Sederes’, bustling restaurant & candy-shop; called Marigold

My family’s immigration story is similar to the story of many others in Los Angeles.  Their combined narratives have created a diverse, vibrant, and deep community, which I believe should be celebrated and preserved so that we are able to continue to grow from their stories and show future generations that everyone can be free to create without fear. 

Marigold explores through-composition and improvisation in a long-form suite.  I've continued to question my curiosity of conceptualizing time, space & music and how our perception of it impacts our “reality”; understanding that the future and the present moment are simultaneous experiences.  In the months spent composing this piece, I discovered that despite any obstacles one may encounter, we can find strength in knowing that there is a interminable undercurrent of creativity, possibility, and understanding available to everyone.”