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Performing in a triple bill with Elliott Sharp and MOPDTK on Sunday October 15th at 8pm at Bootleg Theatre


tim conley - guitar, keys, electronics | Dan Rosenboom - trumpet
josh johnson - alto sax | Gavin Templeton - bari sax
Billy mohler - bass | nigel sifantus - drums

mast/\\\ will present an electronic tribute to monk.

A Philadelphia native now residing in Los Angeles, Tim Conley is a jazz musician, composer, producer and electronic musician. His solo electronic project MAST draws together different sonic elements and channels them out through intense live performances. With a composers mind and a jazz musicians desire for exploring new improvisational realms, MAST incorporates crushing beats, live guitar and keyboards and has journeyed throughout the US, Canada, Europe and Japan.  

The 2nd MAST album “Love and War_” was released Oct 2016 via Alpha Pup Records. “Love and War_” is a conceptual album set up as a 3 Act play structure and features Taylor McFerrin, Tim Lefebvre, Makaya McCraven, the Fresh Cut Orchestra, Andrée Belle and more. Other notable MAST albums include the 2014 debut “Omni” featuring soul-navigating vocal gestures of Anna Wise (Sonnymoon, Kendrick Lamar), way-out raps from Brainfeeder/Warp's Jeremiah Jae and lullaby serenades from Low Leaf.  Two conceptual EP’s “Omniverse; Verse 1” and Omniverse; Verse 2" soon followed “Omni” all via Alpha Pup Records.