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performing on Sunday, September 30 at 8pm at Zebulon

Larry Ochs - tenor sax   |   Jon Raskin - baritone sax
Bruce Ackley -  soprano sax   |   Steve Adams - alto, sopranino sax
Lauren  Elisabeth Baba - violin  |    Eyvind Kang - viola
   Maggie Parkins - Cello  |   Mark Dresser - bass
Jeff Parker - electric guitar   |   Tina Raymond - drums    |   Steuart Liebig - electric bass

Gino Robair -  Conduction

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No Favorites pays homage to one of the most original creators in improvised music, Lawrence “Butch” Morris, inventor of Conduction, a method for organizing large- ensemble improvisation that he took to the world. Morris died in January of 2013, and Rova mounted their tribute at Turkey’s Akbank Jazz Festival nine months later. The program represents a working relationship that Rova began with Morris in 1988 and also reflects parallel working processes reaching back to the mid-1970s. 

Rova does more than simply pay tribute. The quartet’s members build on their own work in structured improvisation, incorporate other methods of organization— from graphic scores to conventional notation—and expand their palette from the saxophone quartet to include a string quartet and an electric power trio. Extending the possibilities of large-ensemble improvisation, the combined groups create music of both depth and an ever-changing surface, the fruit of both intense commitment and a highly creative, heterodox methodology. Like previous Rova expansions—the recently revived Rova Saxophone Octet, first convened in 1992; Orkestrova 2002 playing pieces by Satoko Fujii and Steve Adams; Electric Ascension (2003–2016); Rova & Nels Cline Singers (2008); and The Receiving Surfaces with John Zorn (2010)—it achieves complex music that both requires and rewards active listening.