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Performing in a double bill with Satoko Fujii's This is it! Trio on Thursday, October 4 at 9pm at the World Stage

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Bobby Bradford - cornet   |   Vinny Golia - woodwinds   |   William Roper - tuba/spoken word
Hafez Modirzadeh - woodwinds   |   Vijay Anderson - drums/compositions
Roberto Miranda - bass   |   Tim Hicks - video projections

The Silverscreen Sextet features a mix of Los Angeles and Bay Area musicians performing original compositions to improvised visual projections. The group consists of Vijay Anderson on drums/compositions, noted Bay Area saxophonist/theorist Hafez Modirzadeh, along with four iconic Los Angeles underground musicians: Bobby Bradford, Vinny Golia, Roberto Miranda and William Roper. The visuals, done by Tim Hicks, display a mix of Los Angeles’ cultural diversity, economic disparity, political movements and architecture.

"These elements form an organic compound whose sonic equation, derived by the sum of its unique parts, can only be vetted in the actual moments where the cross section of visual, audible, emotion, integrity and truth create temporary portals of unequivocal consciousness." - LeRoy Downs  


Bobby Bradford - One of the most original trumpet/cornet players to emerge from the avant-garde, a celebrated jazz musician, composer and teacher, noted for his work with the Ornette Coleman Quartet and with clarinetist John Carter.  In October 2009 Bradford became the second recipient of the Festival of New Trumpet Music's Award of Recognition. 

Vinny Golia - A multi-woodwind performer, Vinny's recordings have been consistently picked by critics and readers of music journals for their yearly "ten best" lists.  He fuses the rich heritage of Jazz, contemporary classical and world music into his own unique compositions. 

William Roper - A multidisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles.  As a tubaist, his professional experience ranges from the symphony stage to free improvisation groups.  He has toured North and South America and Europe as soloist and as a member of jazz, rock and classical ensembles. 

Roberto Miranda - A dynamic bassist who is noted for his inventive, high-energy improvisations.  He is adept in both soulful passages and fleet percussive lines, and is fluent in all jazz idioms.  He has toured, played and recorded with an impressive array of jazz artists, including Shelly Manne, Kenny Burrell, Horace Tapscott, Bobby Bradford, John Carter, David Murray, Cecil Taylor, Charles Lloyd, and Bobby Hutcherson.

Hafez Modirzadeh - Focuses on creative and cross-cultural music, as well as jazz and ethnomusicology.  Both an NEA Jazz Fellow and Senior Fulbright Scholar, his Grammy-nominated work on saxophones can be heard on Pi Recordings, while his published research can be found in Black Music Research, Leonardo, Critical Studies in Improvisation, and Popular Music Studies. 

Vijay Anderson - Drummer/ bandleader, originally from Los Angeles, spent over two decades working in the San Francisco Bay Area creative music community.  He has recorded and performed, with Ben Goldberg, Sheldon Brown, Marco Eneidi, Lisa Mezzacappa, Jayne Pettingill, Ava Mendoza, Bill Horvitz, Adam Lane, Avram Fefer, Graham Connah, Mark Dresser, Diane Moser, and Lynn Johnston.  Anderson has lead multiple bands, including The Touch and Go Sextet, the Vijay Anderson Quartet, Hardboiled Wonderland, and The Silverscreen Sextet.

Tim Hicks -Hicks perpetually expands his boundaries in a variety of genres including directing, producing, project management, live VJ performance, full dome event production, and VR content creation. Past milestones include: Directing a Cannes short film corner award winning short film (2008), VJ on Ariel Pink's 2014 North American concert tour, project manager Childish Gambino's Pharos full dome event (2016).

Besides their individual accomplishments, these musicians have been west coast collaborators as early as the 1970’s.  Bradford , Golia, and Miranda have performed together in various ensembles , including ones lead by John Carter and Horace Tapscott.  William Roper has worked with Golia in the Vinny Golia Large Ensemble, and with Bradford in various groups, such as “Purple Gums” with saxophonist, Francis Wong.  Hafez Modirzadeh has recently worked with Bradford, in quartet settings with different rhythm section teams, Mark Dresser with Alex Cline, Ken Filiano with Royal Hartigan, and recently with Anderson and Miranda.  All of these quartets are documented and are available on the No Business Label.  Vijay Anderson began playing improvised music with reed player Lynn Johnston in Los Angeles in the mid 1990's. Johnston was a student of Bradford's in the 1970's at Pomona College.  Anderson has additionally worked with Golia since 1998, and was a student of Modirzadeh's at San Francisco State University in the late 1990's.  These collaborations and shared overlapping history make the Silverscreen Sextet a unique west coast experience, which is rooted in tradition and always looking forward.