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Performing  in a double bill with Ches Smith /Craig Taborn / Mat Maneri on Sunday, October 7 at 9pm the Bluewhale

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Travis Laplante - tenor sax | Gerald Cleaver - drums

Subtle Degrees is a new two-musician ensemble consisting of Laplante (tenor saxophone) and Gerald Cleaver (drums). The duo’s uncategorizable sound evokes everything from contemporary classical music, avant garde jazz, minimalism, technical metal, and sacred world music. Laplante is also the founder/composer of saxophone quartet Battle Trance and the ensemble Little Women.
Their first release titled A DANCE THAT EMPTIES was release in February 2018 to great critical acclaim.
In Travis'own words: 

“Playing in this duo with Gerald is by far the most exposing musical experience I’ve ever had. I think it feels so raw and vulnerable because it has a similar nakedness to playing solo, while at the same time I’m completely relying on and needing to stay connected with Gerald, no matter what. It requires 100% trust in another person, as well as myself. Our respective parts in A Dance That Empties are so meticulously interwoven that it can potentially be disastrous if one of us makes even a tiny mistake. It feels like the riskiest piece I’ve ever written in terms of the psychological, emotional, physical and sensory demands.”