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Artifacts Trio

Tomeka Reid - cello | Nicole Mitchell - flute  |   Mike Reed - drums

Performing in a double bill with Iridescent on Wednesday, October 2 at 9pm at Mr. Musichead Gallery

Presented in association with Just Jazz Concert Series

Cellist Tomeka Reid, flutist Nicole Mitchell, and drummer Mike Reed - three of the most important and acclaimed musicians connected to the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians over the last two decades - celebrate the legacy of the AACM with their collective Artifacts Trio. “50 years later, Mike, Tomeka and I stand back and look at this beautiful legacy and we want to go into the portal and be a part of some of that past while we ride into the future with our own music. We're all clearly committed to making our own music all the time, but it's also a fun adventure to play some of these tunes that even the composers might have left behind for the new.” - Nicole Mitchell

Presented in association with Just Jazz Concert Series