Angel City Jazz is excited to announce the release of VR videos filmed during our Inglewood Sessions concert series last year. We presented four LA based bands selected to showcase the wide range of creative music happening in the vast LA jazz and new music scenes.

The series opened on with a performance by a quartet led by Hawaiian born guitarist Dustin Wong,  a highly inventive guitarist whose fluid, playful compositions make heavy usage of loop and delay pedals. Following Dustin’s performance, Human Error Club took the stage for a spirited, synth driven funky experimental jazz set.

The series continued with a performance by the Sibarg Ensemble, an intercultural group fusing Iranian traditional music with experimental jazz, followed by a special set by a Trio featuring acclaimed mrudangam artist Rajna Swaminathan, award winning vocalist Aditya Prakash and hyper versatile pianist John Escreet.

Here are the links to watch the VR videos:

Sibarg Ensemble