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Performing  Rosa Parks Oratorio on Sunday, October 14th at 8pm at REDCAT

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Vocals - Carmina Escobar  |   Karen Parks    |   Min Xiao-Fen 
Strings - Shalini Vijayan   |   Mona Tian   |   Andrew McIntosh   |   Ashley Walters
Trumpets - Wadada Leo Smith   |   Kris Tiner   |   Graham Haynes   |  Louis Lopez
Pheeroan Aklaff - drums    |   Hardedge  - electronics
Oguri - dance  |  Jesse Gilbert  - live video


Wadada Leo Smith, trumpeter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and improviser is one of the most acclaimed creative artists of his times, both for his music and his writings. For the last five decades, Mr. Smith has been a member of the historical and legendary AACM collective. He distinctly defines his music as “Creative Music.” Mr. Smith’s diverse discography reveals a recorded history centered around important issues that have impacted his world.

Rosa Parks oratorio employs the song-form as composition that conveys a philosophical and spiritual narrative about Wadada's vision of Rosa Parks.  The oratorio is concerned with ideas of freedom, liberty and justice.  This meditation is centered around the Civil Rights movement.  The stage setting is presented with the use of lights as a major convey of emotion and scenery with the projection of video images reconnecting history with the present.