We’re happy to announce that through a partnership with Oculus, we’ve been working on a new way for you to experience immersive live music from the comfort of your home. Oculus has been leading the way in bringing fully immersive experiences to consumers around the world through their 2020 release of a new revolutionary stand alone and affordable VR headset called the Quest 2, which brought VR games, app and content to a wider audience than previously possible.

During our 2021 festival we filmed over 10 hours of live music using 180 3D cameras and ambisonic microphones. After months of post production work we’ve finally published over 50 videos on our Oculus Channel. These incredible VR videos are now viewable for free through a Quest 2 headset. All of the relevant links are live on our Watch page
Special thanks to the Creator-up crew (Hugh Hou, Keeley Turner, CJ Conway and Sebastien Hamelin) for shooting these videos, to Wayne Peet for recording the audio and to Joey Fameli for editing them.

We’re now working on producing more videos during the Spring/Summer season. Stay tuned!